finding images

I ran into this image through Bing, and I knew it was exactly the right one to use for Bude Rundel, but running down the source of the image was a bit of work. However, this got me in contact with Nuclear Snail studios in Germany and I have had a long and interesting e-mail correspondence with Dimitri Zaitsev, the designer. He designs post-apocalyptic/dystopian costuming for various film studios and CosPlay.¬† He’s very good. Thought I would give him a plug here on the blog.

Hot City World October 10/2017

In the 88.3 series it was a challenge to show the sudden climate change from a hot-dry world to catastrophic storms and flooding. This picture is interesting; what appears to be natural formations in the foreground are actually habitations. Kansas City is at the meeting-point of three major rivers; the Kaw, the Blue and the Missouri. The big Platte, draining an enormous expanse of prairie country in Nebraska, Kansas and even Wyoming, empties into the Missouri just north of Kansas City. In this over-urbanized world of the future, human beings in general and the controlling class in particular would have forgotten entirely about things like drainages and riverbeds.  They are all covered over in slum apartments, shebangs,  unauthorized shacks, shanty-towns and streets.

Even the maps of the rivers and their drainage patterns have been lost. Except to a few. Thus the devastation is unmeasureable.