Russian Artists March 28/19

Truly weird concepts by the Russian artist Sergey Kolesov. Look him up. He does mostly very strange stuff, most of it repellent but he is very talented, very gifted. Some of his work is let us say less repellent but always with a twist, with tiny figures added in a place and size where your eyes go last when searching the details of the work, and those tiny figures often completely contradict the mood of the larger figures.

The writer. Us. Me.

March 9//19

I make promises to be better and then when I come to add a post I see that I have not been here since Christmas, a lazy blogger, the season all past and this white space forgotten and longing for words.

Dystopia — ! This is a wonderful painting by Filip Hodes.

MacDonalds’ in a deserted dystopia world. I am soon going to go wide with the 88.3 series which is going to be a lot of work and have even considered audible books. Work, but fun. Also a new Viking novel about to go to the formatter.