Christmas storms December 23/17

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you are singing, celebrating and being with ones you love.  Snowstorms are hitting Midwest, and the East.


Working on Book IV of the 88.3 series is absorbing; speaking of singing. It’s about a quartet of young men and one older leader singing their way into the apocalypse.  They are street-wise and know how to handle themselves in a fight, and they sing like angels. Hats off, hats out, beg your listeners to throw in a few pennies and try to stay away from the gunfire in the streets of the city-world.

And also, try your best to stay away from the Resistance, even though they appear to be the good guys. Most of them don’t read music or understand why five guys are harmonizing on a street corner in the middle of gunfire. The Resistance, in short, is completely at a loss.